Any breeder you approach should give you the opportunity to see the puppy together with its mother and the rest of litter. This is extreemly important as it will not only give you the opportunity to see the temperament of its mother, but will also give you a rough idea of the characteristics and size of the puppy in the future.
Make sure you get the opportunity to see every puppy in the litter and the chance to handle them, rather than just seeing the puppy when its offered to you.
It is the full responsibility of the breeder in question to register the litter officially with the Kennel Club as each puppy in the litter will initially be registered in the breeders’ name, the breeder chooses the official Kennel Club names for all of the puppies.
Litter registration with the Kennel Club takes roughly 2 weeks, after which time the breeder will receive the registration certificates for each dog in the litter. If there happens to be a query with the application the Kennel Club will get in contact with the breeder to resolve it and further action may be taken which may delay or stall the registration process.
If the dog or puppy is advertised as Kennel Club registered you should ensure that you request a receipt of the Kennel Club Registration Certificate. You must then apply to the Kennel Club to transfer your dog or puppy into your own name. Please be aware though that you will require the signature of the breeder. If the registrations certificate is not available at the time you buy your dog or puppy, please ensure that you receive an undertaking in writing from the breeder that this will indeed be sent to you when available.
Ideally when you choose your beloved puppy, try and find a litter that has been raised in a house as similar as possible to yours (so with children if you have children, in a noisy environment if you have a relatively noisy house, with cats etc). If your puppy has come from a breeder who follows the Puppy Socialisation Plan, then you will know that he or her has had a good start in life, and will make a perfect addition to your family. If your puppy is from a breeder or is a rescue and hasn’t really had the advantages of the Puppy Socialisation Plan start in life, please don’t panic, you can start today and follow the Puppy Socialisation Plan from now on in order for him or her to get the chance to catch up with a lot of the things he or she has missed.

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